Adults Jumping Castles

Adults Jumping Castles & Games

Our adult jumping castle range is great for the big kids AND little kids. Larger sizes and themed interactive inflatable games are suitable for teenagers, 18th's & 21st's (or any birthday), hens & bucks nights, promotions, fun days, sporting events and more!


Adults Jumping Castle - Disco Yellow

Adults need to have fun too! Get your boogie on with our disco adults jumping castle - bright, fun and bringing the party to your place!

Adult Jumping Castles - Disco Blue - Front

Adults Jumping Castle - Disco Blue

Get entranced by the disco graphics and get ready to dance and bounce! Our newest adults bouncy castle in blue!

Inflatable Night Club

Inflatable Night Club / Party Marquee

The ultimate party set up awaits! Our fully enclosed 7mtr x 7mtr inflatable nightclub has disco lights, a sound system & more!

Inflatable Wipeout Game

Inflatable Wipeout / Meltdown

Duck, weave, jump and bounce out of the way before you get wiped out! Our monstrous 8 player mechanical meltdown is eye-catching!

Hungry Hippos Chow Down Game - Front

Hungry Hippos / Hippo Chow Down

It looks easy enough...collect the most balls from the middle pit to win. The catch? A bungee harness makes your job all the harder! 

Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game

Inflatable Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball swings side to side and around and around! The player that can control it best will be the last one standing!

Bubble Soccer Brisbane

Bubble Soccer | 6 - 12 Players

Jump inside your zorb ball and take aim! Bubble Soccer can be played 3 on 3 or 6 on 6 with or without our inflatable soccer field!

Inflatable Pub Front

The Inflatable Pub Marquee

The Inflatable Pub is the best place to hold your next gathering! Holds 40 people and can be fit out with tables, chairs, slushies & more!

Inflatable Tiki Bar

Inflatable Tiki Bar

Keep your drinks cool with our authentic inflatable tiki bar featuring a useable esky compartment and bar storage on top!

Gladiator Duel Jousting Cage

Gladiator Duel Jousting Cage Red/Black

Battle it out with our gladiator duel jousting cage! It's not all brawn though, to win this battle takes balance as well!

Gladiator Cage Purple Front

Gladiator Jousting Cage Green/Purple

The second of our gladiator cages is a little larger, a little more colourful but just as difficult. Grab your jousting sticks and fight!

Bouncy Boxing Ring

Bouncy Boxing Ring

Fancy yourself as Floyd Mayweather? Slap on the oversized boxing gloves and step into this inflatable fun version of a boxing showdown!

Adults Sumo Suits

Adults Sumo Suits

Possibly the funniest thing you can do! Jump into the massive sumo suits and *try* to wrestle, walk, run or just stand! Check out the video

Dual Lane Bungee Run

Dual Lane Bungee Run

Great interactive fun for all ages. Harness yourself in and see how far down the bungee run you can get before you snap back!

Velcro Sticky Fly Wall Jumping Castle

Velcro Sticky Fly Wall

Jump, jump, jump...stick! Hilarious fun for as long as you're not the one stuck on the wall:)

Giant Twister

Giant Inflatable Twister Game

An oversized, giant, inflatable version of the popular board game Twister! Super fun for all ages and events! Try it now!

Giant Dartboard Darts Game

Giant Dartboard / Darts Game

Think you're a dart pro at the pub? Take on your mates with our giant inflatable dartboard - measuring 3 metres in height!

Dual Lane Giant Slide

Dual Lane Giant High Slide

Wooooaaaahhhh! That's what you'll be screaming as you fly down this giant dual lane slide...if you're game!

Inflatable Basketball Shootout

Triple Lane Basketball Shootout

Super addictive and competitive, our massive inflatable basketball game has 3 hoops and comes with basketballs ready to shoot!

Soccer Darts - Front

Velcro Soccer Dartboard

Soccer pro or just want to have some fun? Mix darts with soccer and you have soccer darts. Comes with 5 velcro balls & massive board!

Atomic Obstacle Course - Front

Inflatable Obstacle Course - 15 Metre

Ridiculous fun for all ages, this 15 metre inflatable obstacle course has walls, slides, tunnels & stands out at any event!

Obstacle Course A

15Mtr Obstacle Course & Slide "A"

Our brand new inflatable obstacle courses are SUPER fun featuring tunnels, poles, arches, climbing walls and slides!

Obstacle Course B

15Mtr Obstacle Course & Slide "B"

Jump through the starting hole, manoeuvre through the beams, climb up the wall, traverse down the slide're only half way!

Extreme Obstacle Course

30 Mtr Extreme Obstacle Course

Custom designed and the only one in Australia! Our 30 metre inflatable obstacle course is the longest & wildest ride there is!