Inflatable Carnival Games

Inflatable Carnival Games

Looking to create your own sideshow alley? Our inflatable carnival games are the perfect solution! Play a bit of Footy Toss or Connect Four and then head down the alley for some candy floss or popcorn!

Inflatable Connect 4 In A Row

Inflatable "Connect 4" In a Row

Remember the game? Now you can play giant sized inflatable Connect 4. Aim to get 4 of the same coloured balls by throwing them into slots

Soccer Darts - Front

Soccer Darts / Foot Darts

Foot Darts is super fun and all the rage across the world. Kick the giant sized velcro balls at the dart board and score as many points as you can!

Inflatable Basketball Shootout

Basketball Shootout Inflatable

Take aim and battle it out to see who can sink the most baskets with our three-lane inflatable basketball shootout. Warning - highly addictive!

Inflatable Snookball

Inflatable Snookball / Foot Snooker

The latest craze direct from Europe! Soccer mixed with snooker! Sink the mini balls into the pockets just like pool - but with your feet!