Interactive Games

Our inflatable interactive games are perfect for both backyard parties or large events where "something different" is needed! Get your friends and patrons competing and having fun at the same time! Most of our interactive inflatables can be used by all ages - check the individual game below.

Inflatable Wipeout Game

Inflatable Wipeout / Meltdown

Duck, weave, jump and bounce out of the way before you get wiped out! Our monstrous 8 player mechanical meltdown is eye-catching!

Hungry Hippos Chow Down Game - Front

Hungry Hippos / Hippo Chow Down

It looks easy enough...collect the most balls from the middle pit to win. The catch? A bungee harness makes your job all the harder! 

Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game

Inflatable Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball swings side to side and around and around! The player that can control it best will be the last one standing!

Gladiator Joust Duel

Gladiator Duel Jousting Ring

The gladiator jousting cage is an all time favourite! Jump into the ring, grab your sticks and take our your opponent!

Inflatable Connect 4 In A Row

Inflatable "Connect 4" In a Row

Remember the game? Now you can play giant sized inflatable Connect 4. Aim to get 4 of the same coloured balls by throwing them into slots

Soccer Darts - Front

Soccer Darts / Foot Darts

What's soccer darts? Easy - combine a giant inflatable dartboard with velcro soccer balls & you have soccer darts! Step inside this craze

Bubble Soccer Brisbane

Bubble Ball Soccer / Zorb Soccer

The newest and craziest sport worldwide! Slide into your zorb / bubble ball and get ready for action with this fast paced version of soccer!

Inflatable Snookball

Inflatable Snookball / Foot Snooker

The latest craze direct from Europe! Soccer mixed with snooker! Sink the mini balls into the pockets just like pool - but with your feet!