Our Inflatable Gladiator Duel Jousting Castle In Action!

One of our more popular interactive inflatables for hire is the Gladiator Duel Jousting Cage!

What is the inflatable Gladiator Duel?

Our Gladiator Duel is custom designed in the shape of a UFC cage mixing old school Roman battle with new school funk. The cage is comprised of a red and black colour scheme for a striking design that attracts crowds and patrons and stands out from the crowd and pits two combatants against each other for a battle to the death!

Inside the jousting cage, you'll find two inflatable podiums for each participant to balance on, each with a curved top to make it all the more difficult! Balancing on the podiums, each fighter will use their inflatable jousting stick to try and knock the other patron off their balance and ultimately to the inflatable floor.​

How can we use the jousting cage?

Two fighters simply jump inside the cage, grab the inflatable sticks and hop up on the oddly shaped podium. Next…line up your opponent and swing for the hills! Balance is paramount though so be careful how hard you swing that stick!

This inflatable game is great as there are a number of ways to play.:

  • Set up a knock out tournament where an event features large groups of patrons​ (football break-up) ie. start with 1-on-1 battles filtering through the patrons. Record each winner and bring them back again and again until you reach quarter, semi and grand finals!
  • Champion stays in - the winner of the fight stays in until eventually beaten
  • Points - set up a points system where the winner collects "x" amount of points after each successful victory. The person with the highest number of points after 'x" amount of fights is the champion
  • Times - Use times and rounds and count the number of knockdowns during. At the conclusion of the rounds or times, the person with the most knockdowns wins eg. 3 rounds of 1 minute 
  • Partner vs partner - this is a fun one and super popular. Wives in particular love beating their husbands (couldn't think of why:)

It's best to have an adjudicator ​on the outside for most of these as it keeps things fair. Can't find anyone to supervise or run the game? Hire one of our jumping castle operators.

What types of events does the Gladiator Cage suit?

The inflatable jousting duel has proven popular for almost any type of event. Its diversity in the way it can be played (see above) means it's been great fun at:

Popular & recommended for:

  • Sporting carnivals (football/soccer break-ups)
  • Family fun days
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Corporate/business team building days
  • Birthday's (in particular 18th's, 21st's etc)
  • Bucks & Hens nights
  • Church or Youth group events

Not recommended for:

  • Kindergarten/play groups etc (under 5 years old) 

Is the jousting cage really that fun?

One of our awesome customers made this great video at his birthday so take a look and make up your own mind:

How do I hire the Gladiator Jousting Duel?

Easy! Just click on our Gladiator Cage product page here, check availability using the big orange button and follow the prompts to book and pay directly online. Alternatively, you can phone the office on 3177 3316!

  • If you're comparing inflatable jousting cages for hire, be aware that not all of them are designed with safety in mind. Our gladiator cage has inflatable high walls and netting to prevent customers simply falling out onto the ground. 

    Many models on the market have a simple "flat bed" design, meaning that once you fall off, you're in danger of toppling out onto the ground.


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